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YAACC is back on
(09.12.2018 11:00)

In the last years there haven’t been any development on YAACC. During this time the app was dropped out of the f-droid catalogue. Now YAACC is back! I resumed the work on YAACC and since a few weeks the app is also downloadable via Take a lock at the app and give your feedback on

a new section at!
(12.11.2017 20:00)

A new subsection about the calliope mini has been lauchend in the section software development. You will find there some example programs and an article how the calliope is able to emulate the Sinclair ZX81. (At the moment this article is only available in german)

more has been relaunched!
(23.10.2017 21:26)

Not really visible, but a major change! Today I’ve finished the work on relaunching The site is no longer generated by openrat. I’m now using jekyll. Jekyll is a quite powerful engine for generating static websites. In combination with asciidoc it is easily possible to add graphs or source code in the posts. Take a look: The following asciidoc code produces the following graphs:

more has been relaunched!
(24.02.2014 21:26)

The website now based on boostrap ( Bootstrap is quiet easy to learn and let you build responsive websites with a modern look and feel. Since using bootstrap will be layouted based on the display size.

Android corner
(15.10.2013 22:13)

A new section has started. In the android-corner I will collect my experiences, tips and tricks about android.

Why I am using openrat?
(04.08.2013 23:10)

Openrat ( is a content management system which is creating static html pages. Creating static pages is very fast in case of delivering the pages by the web server. It is also a secure way because there is no need for a database and an administration ui on your web space. Another feature for me on openrat is, that it comes with no template. Of course this sounds ugly but I want to build the whole site one my own. I want to learn web technologies without getting influenced by a given meta model. With openrat you are able to build a static web site including the architecture and design you want to have.