YAACC - Yet Another Android Client Controller

YAACC is an android upnp controller. It allows you to discover, use and control upnp devices in your network in order to stream media files. Since it’s a subset of upnp it also is capable of communicating with dlna devices.

It is possible to start an upnp server on your device in order to play media from your device on any upnp renderer in your network.

If you start the yaacc upnp renderer service you are able to control your device by another upnp controller in the network. This is quiet useful for android hdmi-sticks plugged on your TV. If you install yaacc on them and start the upnp renderer service, you are able to stream media file to it using yaacc on your smart phone or tablet.


  • UPNP Server

  • UPNP Renderer

  • UPNP Controller

  • Control multiple media receivers at once

For further informations take a look at https://github.com/tobexyz/yaacc-code

Source code

the source code and the issue tracker of the project is located in this repository: https://github.com/tobexyz/yaacc-code


YAACC is a FOSS project. Because of that I publish it only on f-droid.org at the moment.

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